Shared folders not available on Linux guests after upgrading to VMWare Workstation 15

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After upgrading to from VMWare Workstation 14 to 15, the shared folders are not available as mounts in linux guests, even when they show as enabled on the host. I even tried disabling them and re-enabling them, thinking it might need a refresh, to no avail. Virtual hardware on the linux guests has been upgraded to 15 as well.

Both guests are running Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS with the latest open-vm-tools (last updated 9/27/2018).

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Very simple

if its not showing

Just mount it with vmhgfs-fuse command

1. Find out what is the shared name

go back to Vm's settings > Options > Shared folders 

Under the name: say its linux

2. back to ur linux VM

execute following

# vmhgfs-fuse .host:/linux /mnt/hgfs

3. Tada!


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