Share TAP interface to host

For various reasons I have a vpn client that produces a TAP interface on a VM (on the vm there is only the VPN software) the vm has two interfaces: a host and a nat: the nat collects the wan, the host in my intentions it should be used to provide the physical machine with the TAP.

I tried to make a bridge between the host interface and the TAP, which obviously did not work: the IP address on the host should be bound by the TAP, while vmware workstation forces the IP on the interfaces towards the vm.

The solution that seems most congenial to me is a routing between the two interfaces with ports 1: 1 the TAP as the hypothetical wan of the router and the host as a router lan, but I have not found any software that makes me a routing similar.

I specify that I have looked at the windows routing, but I hypothetically cannot limit the range of IP addresses that the TAP will give me.

Thanks in advance to those who will participate in the discussion

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