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Screen res in VmWare KVM mode

Dear VmWare community members,


I use VmWare Workstation 16 Windows 10 IOT ENT LTSC 2021 to run Windows XP Pro guest running a legacy application.

The virtual machine is run using VmWare-kvm.

The host screen resolution is 1366x768, but the legacy application requires 1280x1024 in the guest, so the XP Pro guest resolution is set to 1280x1024. This is all OK and using the VmWare application window to run it, the screen resolution is acceptable.

If I use VmWare-KVM mode however (imperative), the screen resolution just ends up giving huge white border at the bottom of the screen as VmWare tries to resolve this resolution differently.

My question is, how come the two different modes have two different results of screen resolution? they should be the same.

If I uninstall Vm-tools, the problem goes away (but I get other issues with the screen mouse movement etc.) If I re install the whole system including the OS and do not install VM Tools, there is never any problem with using VmWare KVM mode ( I lose other benefits though).

My problem is that when using vmware-kvm, the guest resolution is changed to the host screen resolution. This does not happen if I run the VM using the VmWare application itself, only happens in VmWare KVM.

I checked the "Stretch guest" checkbox in the vmware kvm preferences dialog, but no effect.

I have seen this problem asked about before with no answers.

Please help.

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OK, I managed to overcome this problem by renaming the C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools\plugins\vmsvc\resolutionSet.dll file to resolutionSet_old.dll.

This prevents the VMwre KVM from altering the resolution initially set by the guest O/S (WinXP).

Maybe this'll help someone else!. Cheers!