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Restrict settings in VMWARE WS for OFFLINE users

We have a special persona of users that we have limited visibility on and need to enforce policies/restrictions/other on.
these users work in remote environments where constant communication or online presence is not available.
What we need is the ability to:

  • restrict VM usage to only the VM that we provide
    • possibly add a notification and bypass for this for emergency usage where the vm details are logged
  • log and export compliance (antivirus version, network settings, etc.) after each session
  • log vm details (os, apps,) after each session
  • remove ability to create new vms from local host

We can collect the log information at a later time, when an online connection is made.

Is there currently a way to do this for our offline users, either by sending out a customized policy, during the image build, or at all? if not what tools can provide this visibility from the  Vmware workstation and extract data from active VMs?

Thank you for your time!

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