Require Assistance with ESXi

Hi there,

For the VMWare ESXi, I am using Vmware Workstation to connect to the ESXi platform.

1) Can be link to the internet. - any of the VM for RDPin purposes, how to assign to one of the Internet address?

2) How to make copy and paste movement work in VMWare ESXi in VMWare Workstation? I don't face this install while VMWare workstation installed on my local machine

- I am trying to copy some files over.

3) How to do port forwarding - in VMWare Workstation just used the NAT portforwarding method.


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Sounds like you are running ESXi via Workstation. You don't give much information, like versions, host OS and VM OSes.

1 Set ESXi network for bridged. Make sure the host NIC is set to allow promiscuous mode. VM's should use the same DHCP server as other hardware machines on your LAN, or do static IP's.

2. Use a network share/Samba, I don't  think you can make drag and drop work. You are trying to simulate an ESXi server in the real world, there is no drag and drop unless you  create a connection via a share. Net use or scp.

3. AFAIK, ESXi has no provision for port forwarding. You shouldn't be doing port forwarding anyway, it  is not secure. Use a VPN.


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