Remote control multiple VMs installed on a same host remotely via internet

I am using VMware Workstation Pro version 16.1 installed on a powerful Windows 10 Pro host machine which is capable of running 15 Windows 10 Pro VMs simultaneously.

All VMs are connected to the host via NAT. I have port forwarding enabled on the host and RealVNC® VNC Server application installed and I can remote control it from anywhere over the internet using VNC Viewer application. All well and good!

Now, let's say I have assigned 5 VMs to 5 different users from different geographical locations and they need to remote control their assigned VMs directly using VNC Viewer without connecting to the host machine. I have already installed VNC Server on all the guest machines but the remote users are not able to connect to it and receive a timeout or unable to connect error.

I guess this is something to do with assigning ports to VMs and open them on the host firewall. But since they are all connected directly to the host via NAT........I am lost. How can this be achieved?

I am very new to virtual machines so my questions might be silly!

Thanks for bearing with me and any help is much appreciated.

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> But since they are all connected directly to the host via NAT...

For that task you would use a bridged network - or deal with 10 extra-problems due to being hidden behind NAT.



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