RDP into NATed VM from external network

Hi All,

First question here and am a bit newbie in networking so please bear with me. I am trying to access my workstation player VM from Internet via RDP but haven't been able to do so successfully.

Here is the setup

1. Host : Windows 10 Pro

2. Guest: Windows 10 Pro

3 Host connected with guest via NAT configuration on VMware virtual network adapter, host port 9997 forwarded to guest 3389.

4 Host's inbound firewall rule created to allow incoming connections to 9997.

5 RDP disabled in host windows but enabled in guest windows.

I can RDP into guest without any problem when I am at home by simply giving <host internal ip>:9997.

I thought if I will enable the 9997 port on my router too, I'll be able to get into my Guest VM but that doesn't work.

Then I created a new port forwarding in router to forward all incoming protocol requests on 9996 port to Host's internal ip on 9997, which I thought should automatically be forwarded to guest:3389 but thats also not working.

Now am stuck!!

I don't want to use bridge mode as thats too easy Smiley Happy

Let me know please if you have any idea of what else I should be checking.

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