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I have carried out several installations of different versions of VMware player, it keeps on indicating a hardware problem. I have tried reading on the internet, the exact properties of the computer to buy to host the VMware player versio 15.5.1, but they are not specific.

Please help me with the specifics of a computer that can serve as my server to run VMware player version 15.5.1. The error message i used to get is attached here

Thank you in advance for the help!

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Basically any 64 bit PC with an intel or AMD processor after 2012 would do?

Preferably with a CPU with at least 4 cores, minimum of 8GB RAM (more is better) and a fast disk (SSD/NVMe preferred)

The snippet of the error you are showing down there does not have any technical details.

It basically says that your computer is malfunctioning, but it does not say what is wrong or why it is showing.

The only part I get from it is that you are running linux...



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