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Problems writing from Win 7 guest to nas/samba shares


I'm using actually VMware Workstation 15Pro (Version 15.0.4) on CentOS 7.

Guest is Win 7.

Win 7 is able to communicate with my LAN via NAT.

My files are stored at some synology disc stations attached to the LAN.

The shares are mounted at Win 7 as network drives

All went well many years.

Since some time (I think maybe since 2020)

I have problems with saving from my main apps.

SR1 (Software for calculation of screws), ANSYS 2019, and PTC Creo 3.0

When I try to save, I get different error messages.

(failed to safe, check permissions, not valid file name (but its not true), check space)

I'm able to write to D (its a vmware drive) and copy later to my samba share,

but thats not a good solution...

VMware Tools are also up to date.

I have no problems to write to the NAS from my host system (centos 7) or to write to the NAS from another PC, on which runs Win7.

What may be the reason?

What can I do?

Greetings, Holger


It looks so, that the problem arises, if I try to overwrite an existing file.


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Win 7 is able to communicate with my LAN via NAT.

Does the problem occur if you change from NAT to Bridged?

If that doesn't help then have a look at what virtual network adapter your Win7 VM is using.

If the network adapter in the .vmx file is "e1000" then try and replace that with "e1000e"

In order to make that change, first shut down the VM (and probably best to also close VMware Workstation), then make the edit with a plain text editor (vi/nano/...) and start the VM and try again.

FWIW, the e1000 adapter isn't very performant and isn't that great. Going to e1000e is almost always a painless upgrade and gives much better results.

You might also want to try vmxnet3, but that depends on vmware tools being installed.



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Sorry the silence.

But the problem has dissapeared ....

I don't know why..

Greetings and thank you!


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