Printer Sharing VM Workstation

We're using VM Workstation 15 running Windows 10 VM's on Windows 10 host computers. We're using Windows printer sharing to print in the VM's instead of the virtual printer function as it's a hassle to connect and disconnect the printer when needing to print in both environments.

This has been working great for almost a year but in the last few months we have two VM Workstations that will now not "see" the shared printers when we try to add them via "Devices and Printers" (typing in the UNC path/name) on the VM Workstation as we've done in the past on all the computers. 

We can use these printers on these two workstations as virtual printers with no problems (so Workstation can actually connect to them) but this isn't what we want as stated above. All the host computers, VM's and printers are identical. They use to work but now they don't. These two have became "invisible" when trying to connect as shared printers.

Can anyone help!

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