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Prevent (filter) virtual machine connections.

Hi all,

i wish to ask you a question about vmware machine.


  • 2 physical machine (1 host machine with vmware workstation, the second is just a web server running apache,tomcat and so on)

     A=host machine (with vmware)

     B=physical machine web server.

  • 3 virtual machine on A host machine (of course)  let's call em A1,A2,A3.

Network type can be bridged or nat. Suppose bridged right now ,so every machine (virtual or physical) has it's own ip address under same mask.

Now what i need to do is:

A1 can make HTTP Request to A2 BUT NOT to A3

B can make HTTP Request ONLY to A3

So i need to implement some kind of Policy based access, and i used to use XACML (write an handler, in c++ or Java, to something and filter request.)

Now the question is WHERE accomplish this? Is there some kind of writible handler, at vmware engine level, to filter the request made by the various virtual machine?

Something like INFLOW request and OUTFLOW request from the various virtual machine?

Hope to receive answer but anyway thanks in advice.

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