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Playing StarCraft on Workstation 12.1.1

Hey Everybody,

My rig is a clone with two Intel processors with a total of 16 cores, 128 GB RAM, 512GB SSD C: drive, 2 TB SSD 😧 drive, LG true 4K monitor, running Windows 7 x64 Pro, and Workstation 12.1.1 with all updates.

The Guest OS is Windows XP Pro, 4GB RAM, 2 cores, and I have it set to use 2GB RAM for the video.

The problem is with StarCraft/BroodWar.  When I start the game, it shrinks the window to a very small size.  I set VMWare to full screen.  The window does not shrink, but it still starts in what I think is 800x600 in the middle of the screen.  How can I make it stay full screen but have StarCraft take up the entire screen like it is supposed to?  I would imagine that another application would make the system act the same way. 



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