No support of DirectX 12 && 11 + bugs in OpenGL

Up to now the integration of Workstation with DirectX technology on Windows is very disappointing. Is it a really big challenge to remap APIs between drivers (between VM and Windows)?

Taking into account bugs in video driver provided by VMWare and lack of any information helping resolving such problems I feel VMWare goes into direction to significantly loose users/customers.

Recently I stuck on problem with OpengGL driver implementation delivered with Workstation 12.5.2 PRO. The issue is probably related to implementation of so called shared lists (lists that are shared

between OpenGL contexts to speed up rendering in multithreading environment). They are typicallly initialized using wglShareLists API call on Windows.

When I run some code it throws exceptions in OpenGL layer and I can't identify source of the problem because I don't know where to look for pdb files for driver to analyse mini dump file.

Maybe somebody has such knowledge already and could share it with me Smiley Happy ?





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