No network access "media disconnected" in P2V guest

I used the standalone converter to virtualise a Windows 7 desktop. The Windows 7 machine itself had both VMWare player and Oracle Virtualbox installed when it was virtualised.

I have opened the VM in VMWare Workstation v12 on a Windows 10 machine, but cannot get any network access. I have tried uninstalling both VMWare Player and VirtualBox from the VM, but it didn't help.

ipconfig/all shows "Media disconnected" for Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* 9  - Microsoft Teredo Tunneling ADapter(and no other adapters)

One network adapter is listed in the control panel of the VM: Local Area Connection 2. Its status is "Network cable unplugged"

I have the network configured in Bridge mode, but have also tried NAT mode and got the same results.

The following VMWare services are running on the WIndows 10 host:

- VMWare Authorization service

- VMWare DHCP service

- VMWare NAT service

- VMWare USB arbitration service

- VMWare Workstation server.

If I run the Virtual network editor I see this:


Any ideas??

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