No mouse when opening a VM

This problem appeared with one of my VMs several weeks ago. I do not experience the same problem on any of the other VMs I have. Up to this point this VM (Windows 10) worked fine - the problem just appeared one morning and continues to occur although I over time I have narrowed down the problem and have a workaround.

When starting the VM it opens with no mouse functionality. [Ctrl] + [Alt] transfers the mouse control to the native desktop but the reverse does not return mouse control in the VM. In all other respects the VM desktop appears fine; I can navigate (of a sort) with the cursor keys. I have tried various actions - obviously closing and reopening the VM through to rebooting the laptop. At some point the mouse returned - for the session - but would again be missing when I next started the VM. I raised a ticket with our IT Support but knowing that they offer little help with VMs I also contacted vmware. Although I don't believe we have a service contract in the past they have been helpful to a struggling user so...

First it was pointed out the version of Workstation Pro, V12.5, that I was using was no longer supported and I should upgrade to V15.I agreed to contact our IT Support desk about this. However it was also suggested that I upgrade vmware tools which we did albeit with some issues that caused loss of mouse control on the native desktop as well! Once resolved matters appeared ok and for a day or so normal service resumed. But then the mouse vanished once more. Meanwhile I requested that Workstation V14.1 be installed (as it seems my company do not as yet have access to V15). Some weeks later :smileyalert: this was done but alas it did not solve the issue. Hence I decided to experiment further and this is what I found.

If I start up the VM the when the windows login screen appears I am unable to reveal the password entry box by mouse clicking on the VM display. However [Return] or [Space] reveals the box and I can type in my password. However I can then only enter this by [Return] - the mouse do not allow me to select the Submit button to the right of the typed entry. Once the VM is open I have no mouse control within the VM but can still use the mouse to select options from the vmware menu. If I Restart the VM I a mouse click reveals the password entry box, a further mouse-click enables me to submit the password and the VM opens with full mouse control.

So (1) has anyone else observed this behaviour and (2) if so is there a fix (other than rebuilding the VM image?


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