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No mouse on second monitor in Workstation 12 pro


I just upgraded to workstation 12 pro and the first problem I encountered was that when in full screen mode and I press the cycle monitors button I

don't see the mouse in the second monitor but only in the first one.

I've never used the cycle monitor option  before so don't know if this ever worked.

Host: Ubuntu 14.04

Guest:Windows 8.1

Thanks for any help.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Thanks for using Workstation.

Can you please try a several steps:

1. make sure the mouse is working on the second screen on the native host.

2. make sure you have update the vmtools to the latest one. ---2977863 is the latest bundle vmware tools.

3. after you have completed the above two steps, then try to cycle the muti-monitor again.

4. wait a time and move the mouse to different directions to see if you can see the mouse on the second screen.

5. if all this can not work, could you disable 3D and try again?

your feedback is very important, thanks again!



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