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Got a problem with Pro 12.1.1 build 3770994

i installed my first Server 2012 r2 but i dont get any network. Tried NAT, tried Bridge, but nothing. On the W2012 the network icon is with a red cross.

Also noticed, at the virtual machine settings\network adapter, i cannot enable the device status connected . When i do that , i get the following error:

could not connect ethernet0 to virtual network vmnet 8

more info can be found in the vmware log

failed to connect virtual device 'ehternet0'

i also had some problems after instaling workstation;received the module devicepoweron power on failed error. had to change the vmci0.present="true"into false

and last, i also have virtual box installed, need that for genymotion, so maybe vb an ws are conflicting.

hope someone can help

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