New guests on old hardware


I need to make this work.. I don’t have any money to buy a new computer and I need to study Windows 10 and server to be able to get a job...

So my old machine is an OptiPlex 755 with an E6550 cpu, 8gb ram, SSD. It’s got VT-x but it doesn’t have EPT.

I first tried to install ESXi on that trying to overcome the fact that the processor is not supported with various methods found online but nothing worked.

So then I install VMware workstation only to find that my processor is not supported either by version 15.5.

So then I Installed version 12.5.9. But when I install windows 10 (latest version 2004) as a guest, it is excruciatingly slow.

Even after waiting for everything to settle down after login and installing the VMware tools it takes like 10 to 15 seconds just to start the task manager. Even moving a window around is lagging.

I tried installing windows 8.1 (latest version downloaded) as a guest and I get the same result.

I tried all the different virtualization Settings.. automatic, VT-x, Disabling acceleration for binary translation, nothing works.

So I downgraded to VMware workstation 11: same issues.

And while the guests are this bad the host works perfectly fine, the ram is not full and all is good.

Then just for fun I tried to run an older VM (vmdk) I had Windows server 2012 already installed: this one works like a charm!

That’s how I realized that the issue is within the guest operating system..

To confirm that I installed Windows 10 version 1511 as a guest and this one works just as well.

So does anybody know what needs to be changed within the recent guest operating systems for them to perform normally?

They must be expecting something from the host that my host doesn’t have (EPT???) and if so how do I turn this expectation off?

Please help :smileyconfused:

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With an old system you can't do much to install "vmware workstation 15.5" and "Windows 10 2004". It's a compatibility issue.

If you need it for study purposes, you can install "Vmware Workstation 12" and "Windows 10 1809 o1903". To learn the operating system Windows 10 is more than enough.


if you need it to have a job, while learning you also study to take the Windows 10 MD-100 certification. The certifications increase the probability of being hired.

For info go to the Microsoft community.


Blog: https://www.aleadmin.it/
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Thank you Alessandro!!

I agree that 1809 or 1903 must be enough, installing either was my next step..

And I will definitely look into the certification - Thank you!!

My curious side is not satisfied though Smiley Happy 

Can you (or anybody else out there) explain why the recent OSes don't run well in VMWare 12 and is there a work around?

What exactly changed in the recent OS that makes them incompatible?

Thank you!!!

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I downloaded the most recent server 2016 and installed as guest: it works just fine!!

It is so obvious that there is something in the recent win 10 and win 8.1 guest OS coupled with old hardware/vmware 11/12 that is causing that terrible slowness...

I also tried in virtual box and get the exact same results..

Anybody knows?

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