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New PC: Linux host, Windows guest: Dual screen/Graphics acceleration/Hardware/Tips?


I'm planning to buy a new computer and to use VMware Workstation to run multiple Windows and Linux virtual machines on it.

But my experiences with virtual machines have not always been satisfying, so I would like to check with you guys before buying and installing stuff.

Here are my thoughts:

- I would like to have Linux as host system. This so I can have a lot of control over the computer. I'm thinking of using Lubuntu, because a lot of people use Ubuntu (so more compatibility and more information) and Lubuntu is just a lighter version of Ubuntu.

- I will usually work in a Windows 10 guest and I want it to run smoothly as if it is not a VM at all. So:

     - No VMware window or top bar or anything in the screen. I should only be able to escape the VM by some key combination.

     - I have two screens and the VM should be full-screen on both screens and have full screen resolution.

     - 3D graphics acceleration should work, so I can play games.

- Sometimes I will use other guest OSes, like Windows 7, Windows Vista and Ubuntu. I will use those simultaneously with my main Windows 10 guest.

My questions:

- Will this work with VMware Workstation 16? Will it just work or are there more steps involved?

- Will any recent hardware work fine, or should I buy or avoid certain CPUs, graphics cards or motherboards? I don't want to have driver problems. I will buy plenty of RAM and a fast SSD.

- Is VMware Workstation the right tool for the job?

- Any other things that I should know of?

Thanks in advance!

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