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Network Connection drops and reconnects in Guest OS

I'm using Ubuntu 22.04 and VMware WS pro 16. In the guest OSes, I have frequent network disconnects, which are extremely annoying when you have e.g. a video conference. Also when I'm working with Office 365 in an Office program, I frequently get the message "No Internet, check your connection" and the cursor freezes and I have to wait a moment until the Internet connection is back. This happens on both Linux and Windows guests. It does not seem to happen on the host.
I have checked the logs of a Linux guest, it says the following in regular intervals:

7693-Sep 4 08:59:01 cw-untrusted whoopsie[988]: [08:59:01] online
7694-Sep 4 08:59:11 cw-untrusted systemd[1]: NetworkManager-dispatcher.service: Succeeded.
7695-Sep 4 08:59:38 cw-untrusted systemd[1]: Starting Cleanup of Temporary Directories...
7696-Sep 4 08:59:38 cw-untrusted systemd[1]: systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service: Succeeded.
7697-Sep 4 08:59:38 cw-untrusted systemd[1]: Finished Cleanup of Temporary Directories.
7698:Sep 4 08:59:43 cw-untrusted kernel: [ 914.497650] e1000: ens32 NIC Link is Down
7699-Sep 4 08:59:49 cw-untrusted NetworkManager[792]: <info> [1662274789.1890] device (ens32): state change: activated -> unavailable (reason 'carrier-changed', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
7700-Sep 4 08:59:49 cw-untrusted NetworkManager[792]: <info> [1662274789.1911] dhcp4 (ens32): canceled DHCP transaction


I am using NAT for the guests.

Any ideas are highly appreciated.


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