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NAT settings / Port Forwarding / Linux host / vmnet-natd / nat.conf: Apply changes?

Has anyone else found any VMware (not user-contributed) documentation on how to apply any changes made to the NAT configuration file (/etc/vmware/vmnet8/nat/nat.conf)?

I see that several users have stated that vmnet-natd must be restarted, but very few say how.

Why is there no documentation (that I can find) for vmware-networks (/usr/bin/vmware-networks)?

That should be referenced in multiple locations.

/usr/bin $ vmware-networks --help

vmware-networks version: 0.1

Usage: vmware-networks [--verbose | -v] <option>

Use exactly one of these commands:

  --postinstall <component-name>,<old-version>,<new-version>

  --migrate-network-settings <location of settings file>




Additional options:

  --help | -h


A "sudo vmware-networks --stop" followed by a "sudo vmware-networks --start" will restart virtual networking, incorporating any port forwarding definitions in nat.conf and do so cleanly. Why is that not documented anywhere?

Also note that vmware-netcfg aka Virtual Network Editor will remove your port forwarding definitions if you click "Save".


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