My 2nd VM's snapshot chain got broken after copying then removing the 1st VM's snapshot

Hello guys,
So I have VMware Workstation 16 with 2 VM's of Windows 10 Pro, I named them "Server" & "Client". I've made snapshots for each one of them to restore them whenever I need to. They were taking some space from my HDD because I kept removing the snapshots whenever they get old then creating new ones with the latest modifications I made to Windows which was a bad idea indeed. Then I decided to copy the 1st VM's (Server) snapshot to another drive & removed it through Snapshot Manager, but turned out my 2nd VM's (Client) snapshot was relying on it (i.e. cloned from it).
And now, I'm getting this error when I try to restore my 2nd VM's snapshot:
I tried copying the 1st VM's snapshot back to its folder but that didn't help.
I've had a backup of some old snapshots of the 2nd VM, so I copied them to its folder but to no avail. I've also tried correcting the CIDs/parent CIDs of the backed up snapshots & I was able to restore one of them but Windows wasn't fully functional because I got many errors, BSOD, crashes, etc.
All I need now is to restore my 2nd VM's to the latest working snapshot/state.
Here's the content of the 2nd VM's folder:
2nd VM's folder files:
Windows 10 (Client).vmsd
Windows 10 (Client).vmx
Windows 10 Pro-cl1.vmdk
Windows 10 Pro-cl1-000001.vmdk
Windows 10 Pro-cl1-000002.vmdk
Windows 10 Pro-cl1-000003.vmdk
Windows 10 Pro-cl1-000005.vmdk
Windows 10 Pro-cl1-000017.vmdk
Windows 10 Pro-cl1-000021.vmdk
Windows 10 Pro-cl1-000023.vmdk
Windows 10 Pro-cl1-000025.vmdk
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much in advance!
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We spoke on reddit.

Can you please zip up all those files you link to on pastebin? It is inconvenient to click as you loose context easily.

Also include the vmware.log(s) file of the problem VM into that zip and attach it to a reply here.

Please note that "copying snapshots" to another disk makes no sense as a snapshot by itself is pretty much useless, a snapshot is not a backup it contains changed data only (the delta), not the whole state of the disk.

More details:
and in VMware Workstation documentation Taking Snapshots of Virtual Machines

A rule of thumb is to not keep snapshots longer than a few days unless you have a very good reason for the snapshot.

Hopefully @a_p_ can help.


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Here you go.

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