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Mouse Right-Click Problems in Game under Workstation 6.5.1

I am using Lord of the Rings Online on a Windows XP Pro Guest with VMWare Workstation 6.5.1 hosted on Windows XP Pro. I have tweaked the graphics and sound to the point where there is a good tradeoff between perfomance and playability. The consistent problem I seem to be having is that the game depends heavily on "right-click" and right-click does not behave properly with this game when run inside VMWare. (Right-click does behave properly with other apps on this guest.) The high-end dual-core laptop I am running has a built in track pad but I use an attached USB mouse for gaming. (Interestingly VMWare does not recognize this mouse or a separate driver for it.)

The only working (barely) configuration right now is to choose "never optimize mouse for games" which allows right-click to function properly in games, but makes the mouse/camera functions in game hyper sensitive - the "spin" issue referenced by other posters. Unchecking "never optimize mouse for games" makes mouselook behave properly but then right-click does not work.

Very frustrating particularly when I have this running like a charm on two different macs with Fusion. I know the "doh" of this is "ok so just run the game native" but I do not have that option due to policies with isolating PC games from corporate applications.

Any help would be gratefully accepted!

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So, I take you never received an answer to this problem? I am trying this out with LOTRO and having similar issues. I have tried to add the following to my vmx file:

vmmouse.present = "FALSE"

However, this does not appear to resolve the problem. I have also tried uninstalling the VMWare mouse driver and just using the Microsoft generic PS2 driver. Oddly,even in this configuration my mouse is still able to enter and leave the VM and is still being ungrabbed and re-grabbed just as if the VMWare driver were still active even though device manager shows otherwise (I did this since I had read a post that indicated this would esolve the problem at the sacrifice of auto grab/ungrab).

Unlike your description of the behaviour you are seeing though, I am able to right click in game and that part seems to work as expected regardless of the state of the " never optimize mouse for games" setting. In fact, checking or unchecking this does not seem to change anything.

It would seem that there should be a solution to this issue with the appropriate settings and tweks, but I am not having any joy in my efforts to date...

Any ideas would be appreaciated...


UPDATE: After a fair amount of additional testing, I have been able to resolve

this problem for playing LOTRO (and I would imagine for most 3D games,

FPS, etc...). As it turns out, I ended up doing a number of things and

I am not sure exactly which ones finally resolved the problem, however

I am satisfied with this as a workable solution until the vmware driver

for the mouse is updated to work correctly with games. So, here are the

changes I made to get VMWare 6.5.1 working with the latest version of


Added the following to my vmx file:

  • mks.enable3d = "TRUE" <--- This is actually added through the settings in the GUI via a checkbox, but it is required

  • svga.vramSize = "134217728" <--- This sets the video memory to 128M (max) you can use "67108864" for 64M (better if you have less physical mem)

  • vmmouse.present = "FALSE" <--- This changes the behavior of the mouse and is likely the ultimate solution, but this alone did not seem to fix it for me

  • usb.present = "FALSE" <--- After disabling all the USE pieces from the GUI I also changed this setting in the vmx file to false from true

I also uninstalled the vmware mouse driver and installed the MS generic PS2 driver.

Along with a couple of reboots and testing in between, I was able to get LOTRO to work as expected. The video is reasonable and the mouse behavior is as expected.

The only unusual thing that I find is that I am not able to adjust the

gamma, or brightness in game and the default levels are very low. If I

jack the levels up on the native OS of course then it works fine, or if

I start an instance of LOTRO on the native OS (it has the settings the

way I prefer them) then the VM session will inherit the adjustments.

But, the in game settings from the VM are non functional either in

windowed or full screen mode. In windowed they cannot be moved at all

and in full screen they move but have no effect. Not a big deal in the

scheme of things, but still an anomaly worth noting...


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