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Mouse Not Behaving Normal After disabling high dpi scaling in Host

Hello everyone,

I am using VMware workstation 14 on a windows 10 4k resolution PC. Text sizes in programs that I use in the client are really small even though I increased the DPI in the client. So I read some of the topics in the forum and selected disabling high dpi scaling and selected system (advanced) in the settings. It worked with the resolution and everything but mouse started to misbehave. Mouse is really small and left click is working like click and drag also location is not right. So I read some topics again and someone with the same problem said I should reinstall the mouse drivers. But the location that they mentioned didn’t had the mouse driver in my client and reinstalling the vmtools not working. Waiting for the solution.

Best regards.

Host PC: Windows 10 x64

Client PC: Windows 7 x64

Resolution: 4K

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With high DPI scaling enabled, the VM will sync with host DPI as long as it change. Would you please try:

Increase the host DPI; check VM's high DPI scaling (setting -> display -> display scaling) and the VM should change to the same DPI as the host's after applying to logoff and login VM again.

After these steps please check if the mouse can works normally.

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