Mounting a .VHD on Workstation Pro for Windows Nano Server ???

Dear All,

As we all know that in VMWare Workstation .VMX file is required to run the virtual machine.

Microsoft is coming up with Windows Server 2016, It has a complete new concept of Windows Nano Server. In case if you wish to know about the Nano server, Check out the video link below to understand about it.      www .youtube .com/watch?v=r0qha502pug

The Nano server is created in .vhd format because it is Microsoft's product. The question is how can we mount the Nano server in Workstation ?

There are many tools to convert the .vhd to .VMDK but these tools do not create the .VMX file. Hence the converted .VMDK file can not be used in the Workstation.

How to achieve this ? Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

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Hi gakumar,

1. Convert the vhd file using any converter (I used StartWind V2V).

2. Build a new VM in VMware Workstation, select "Custom (Advanced)".

3. Step through the wizard until you get to "Select a disk" and choose "Use and existing virtual disk".

4. Select the disk you created using the converter.

I used IDE as controller type and old style BIOS for boot.



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