Migrating from Fusion to Workstation, virtual desktops, and hotkeys

I'm a longtime Fusion on Mac user, it's time to get new hardware, I'm tired of the Apple premium while the hardware and OS continue to drop in quality and stability, so I'm looking at going back to Thinkpads and Win 10 and at running Workstation on them.

I have an old Thinkpad I'm staging a Workstation configuration on and so far all seems well, though what I'm most missing from Fusion is the ability to map VMs to OS Desktops and hotkey switch between them. That is, I have dedicated VMs for specific clients, a VM for banking, a VM for email, etc, and I keep them in a particular order so I can Ctrl-Opt-Arrow between them without thinking about it.

Is there an incantation to:

* assign individual VMs in Workstation to Windows Desktops

* hotkey switch between them



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