Memory leaking? Confused with Workstation pro 15.5.2


Help me please to solve a problem with ongoing increasing of memory consumption of VMs on one of my PC.

I have two PC with Windows 10 and I try to run very same VMs on them.

On one PC they run fine with low and stable memory consumption.

But on the other PC VMs keep allocating more and more private bytes until reaching some threshold (1-1.5 Gb in 30 minutes) where they drop their private bytes to ~300 Mb and start increasing them again.

First PC after 30 minutes:


Second PC after 30 minutes:


Is there any chance to understand what is going on?

All software configuration is pretty much identical on both PC. Hardware is different if it matters. First PC is dual Xeon E5-2670, Second PC is Ryzen 9 3950x.

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