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Mac OS Sierra Small Icons and Text

Hi Friends,

I installed Mac OS Sierra on my Windows 10 based machine (Lenovo Yoga 900) today but I'm facing an issue with the size of icons and text in the Mac OS. The icons and text are too small (see attached pic) and it is really difficult to do anything there.

I tried various solutions listed in forums but nothing worked. There is no option available in VMWare to change in the Display tab (see attached pic). Changing resolution size is not helping.

I had the same issue with Windows on this machine too but I adjusted the text and icon size to 125% and it looks okay now but not sure what I need to do on Mac to set this right.

Please help me fix this.

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Welcome at the VMware communities forum.

Unfortunately Apple does not allow you to run a virtual macOS on non-Apple branded hardware.

Since this violates Apple's EULA (and as such the VMware Community Terms of Use), any issues you have with trying to run macOS using VMware Workstation or VMware Workstation Player cannot be discussed at this forum.

You'll need to have apple hardware and use a product like VMware Fusion or VMware ESXi and run a virtual copy of macOS on that in order for us to be able to help you.

Hope you understand,



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