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Long Delays before Nested Virtualization based guests start to boot

Hello All,

I use a lot of Linux VMs with Vmware workstation for my home labs. I use a lot of Red Hat VMs and Red Hat clones like Rocky Alma etc including Centos and Fedora. These VMs work perfectly fine as long as they are not nested.

The moment I choose to use a nested VM the boot process becomes stuck for about 80 to 180 seconds during initial VM start. As soon as I start the VM I see a cursor blinking at the top left corner of the screen for about 80+ seconds before I actually get to see the Linux boot up process. It like your VM is in a hung state during that period. After this pause of 80+ seconds the VM boots normally and even performs fine. These nested VMs have been granted adequate Memory and Diskspace. Its just extremely annoying to wait for a couple of minutes before your VM start to boot.

I have observed this pattern since Vmware Workstation Pro 15+ onwards. At present I am using Vmware Workstation Pro 17

Anyone experiencing similar issues or has a solution to the above problem. An Answer will be much appreciated.



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