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Linux host and win guest

I am a newbie. I would like to install vmware on my host linux (redhat and suse). I would also, like to run windows XP or Vista interactively within Linux as a guest system. My questio is ...

-where will I install the XP/Vista? Which partition of the drive?

-do I have to partition seperately like dual boot first? e.g. Install Linux and Windosws on separate partitions first.

Appreciate your insight to the question.

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In the simplest views, VMware creates a container for you. The answer to the question "where will I install the XP/Vista?" is "inside the virtual container". To your host, the virtual machine appears merely as a set of files. To the guest, when Workstation is running, it appears as if it were running on real computer hardware.

You will definitely want to read through the user manual and the guest OS installation guide manual as well. At least peruse them to get some understanding of this complex technology... it will help answer many of the questions you undoubtedly will raise.