Linux 2 drives question

So I am trying Linux mint because I am tired of Microsoft's mandatory updating, which is working well except for 1 thing I am having a hard time with.

I have my 20gb OS drive and a 600gb spare drive connected, however I cannot copy from a shared folder to the spare drive directly. I have opened the spare drive as administrator and I can transfer items from desktop to the spare drive as administrator and from the shared folder to desktop, but i cannot transfer from the shared folder to the spare drive directly and vice versa, I get a access denied popup and I cannot open the shared folder as administrator because it says it is not a folder.

Is there a way to transfer from a spare drive to the shared folder without being too complicated? Or basically accessing both locations without the need of being the superuser. It seems a bit ridiculous to not be able to do this seeing how I own the PC and having to share folders on the same PC is below that of windows to be honest, I mean it is easy to remove UAC on windows and all.

If i need to take a screenshot to show you what is going on I do not even know how to do that so far.

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