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License activation key issue


I recently purchased VMware Workstation Pro 17 (for Windows and Linux).

However it looks like the activation key is not being recognised as a valid key with the error "Invalid serial key". The client machine is running Ubuntu 20.04 with the latest Linux client installed (from the package "VMware-Workstation-Full-17.0.2-21581411.x86_64.bundle"

Online support suggested that I re-create the key by downgrading and then upgrading the product, which I did successful.

However still no success. I don't have tech support for this particular purchase and not sure where to go from here.

PS: The desktop icon is showing up as "VMware Player", including the licence details window. However when one launches the application, it is correctly showing up as "VMware Workstation Pro 17", prompting for a valid license key everytime


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