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Keeps asking for .vmdk file when guest is started (vmware workstation pro 17.5 )

Each time I start a specific guest in my vmware workstation pro 17.5 (windows 11 host) it asks for a .vmdk file:


VMware Workstation
File not found: D:\VMWare_Machines\gggg\yyy.vmdk
This file is required to power on this virtual machine. If this file was moved, specify the new location.
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What can be the reason for that?

The .vmdk is found at D:\VMWare_Machines\gggg\yyy.vmdk I just have to browse to the .vmdk file and open it ??!!





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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I suggest posting a screenshot of the error message, and a full directory listing of the folder which contains the VM files.


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