Join 2 Bridged network with WiFi for Internet access


Though, there are few articles in VMware Workstation documentation explaining this, I am still having difficulty.

I have 2xP50 laptops running VMware Workstation 14.1.2. Each laptop runs 5 CentOS 7.4 VMs - so total 10 VMs on both.

I hardwired ethernet 1 Gbps port between 2 laptops and assigned fixed IP and on both laptops.

I have bridged only network vmnet0 using same subnet on both laptops and I can communicate between all VMs on each laptop to other and within. - Not a problem.

I need internet access from VMs and that is where I need help. Both laptops have WiFi and I can access Internet on both laptops. The WiFi can be on any subnet or any network.

I need a way to add a static route (or something other either on Windows 7 host or any CentOS VM) than can route the traffic from guest VMs to the Internet.

If I use only only one laptop, I can access Internet fine from all VMs since I do not have Ethernet hard wired.

I tried many different thing like Internet Connection Sharing but this leads to dup ping traffic and that bothers me and ICS is flaky. I need to enable / disable every time for this to work.

Any tip, help, pointers will be very helpful.

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