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I'm using VMware since a few days VMware workstation (15.5.6 build-16341506) on my Windows 10 System (16 cores, 32 RAM).

For professional reasons I'm using a Kali Linux machine (Debian x64) which is connected via NAT to the lan.

All works well for a while but then the networking function stops (e.g. while portscanning) and only comes back on once I restart the Vmware NAT service.

Therefore I assume the issue relates to something like timeouts or a full NAT table.

Are there any logs to verify my assumptions ? How can I expland the NAT table or various timeouts ?

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

I'm not a Network expert, but on Virtual Network Editor by selecting the NAT connection and pressing "NAT settings" (left screenshot) the NAT properties (right screen) appear, where you can set UDP timeout etc.


There could be more options available in the guest settings but you have to search the VMware documents, e.g. Editing the NAT Configuration File

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