Intermittent internet connection

I'm running VMware Workstation 16 Pro, version 16.0.0 build-16894299, with a Windows 10 Pro VM. In Workstation, my network adapter is set to NAT, and I have checked both "Connected" and "Connect at power on." My VM has 32G of RAM.


The problem: The internet connection for my VM is noticeably intermittent. Every few seconds it changes from connected to no internet connection and back again. My Linux host internet connection is constant--no problems there. I noticed this upon returning from my daughter's wedding in Minnesota, though I'm skeptical that the wedding (or Minnesota) has anything to do with it.


What I have tried:

I swapped out the Ethernet cable connecting my box to the router, and I have tried connecting the cable to a different port on the router.

I have not made any software or hardware changes.

I have rebooted the router.

I have rebooted (and rebooted and rebooted) the Windows VM.

I have rebooted the Kubuntu host. I have tried both NAT and Bridged connections; the same problem is on both.

I have reinstalled Vmware Tools.

I have engaged in (restrained) cursing.

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Have you tried updating to the latest Workstation (16.1.2 at this time) to apply any security patches and bug fixes?

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