Installing RHEL 7.5 on Workstation Pro 15.5.2


I am attempting to install RHEL 7.5 on VMWare Workstation Pro 15 for the first time ever. I have downloaded the rhel-server-7.5-x86_64-dvd.iso from Red Hat directly (located at I am looking to install it on VMWare. I have followed the steps, and have set up the VM correctly, including specifying to boot from the correct .iso and providing enough space for the VM. Once the VM completes these steps, I am sent to the menu screens like there are here ( VMWare flies through these screens, doesn't allow me to select anything, and then reboots. I am given maximum one to two seconds, where it flies through these screens, not allowing for selection of language, location, or anything. It then takes me to a blank screen with a single flashing command line prompt, asking for my RHEL username and password via command line. After I enter these, I am able to enter command line prompts at []$.

I don't want to be here. Why has the "desktop" not popped up? I do not know what to enter here to get to the RHEL "desktop" either.

I have entered (from here😞

yum groupinstall


yum group install GNOME base-x

But the output to each of these is saying that there are no enabled repos. By running:

yum repolist all the output states that there are indeed zero enabled repos. Obviously, as I haven't installed any, there aren't going to be any for it to find. I don't think that I should be having to go through these steps with yum either way though, I should just be taken to the regular RHEL login after the reboot is performed at the conclusion of installation. This is what every online installation guide I can find shows.

I believe something has gone wrong in the installation phase, as all the installation guides I've found online have not mentioned this. Please advise as to what I've done wrong.

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