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Impossible to download the vmware tools on a new VMPlayer Machine

Hi all,

I have just finish to install a "new" VMPlayer 15.0.4 on a Linux Opensuse Tumbleweed and if I forget the worries of the "compilation" of vmmon.net it is installed and operational.

But.. Except that ... When I try to download the VMware tools, the machine just say laconically "contact your administrator ..."

... uh .. Ok, there is no other administrator apart from me ...(and I'm just a beginner...

For information, it's that concern a virtual machine that I have copied from my old machine ...

But when I start for the 1st time the VM I answer that it was the case ... (some question like "do you have moved or copied the VM ?)

Any idea to fix this ?

Thank a lot in advance



Vox Clamentis in Deserto
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