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How to scroll-up and scroll-down in VMware Workstation console


I have an issue that I can not scroll-up in VMware Workstation in Linux VM, I would like to scroll-up to see the previous adapters in the VM console ?

I have tried page-up, up arrow, shift + page up, page up, alt + page up...etc.

Note: I am using windows 11 machine

I have tried to search for it , but no result !

I appreciate any help for that


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VMware Employee

What would you do if running Linux on a physical system?


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Following up on @scott28tt's comment - I assume that the screen shot you've posted is a console of a virtual machine (perhaps a Linux server) that's not running a graphical environment.

if that's what you're doing. -TL;DR you can't scroll that display like you want to. There are alternatives that will allow you to do what I think you want to do. 

The console display for a virtual machine behaves like a display connected to a physical machine. You can't scroll that either when running a non-graphical terminal session. 

If you want scrolling, either ssh into the VM from Windows or run a graphical environment with a terminal app that does support scrolling.

Or do it the "old fashioned UNIX way". Direct the output of the command to a file and use a pager such as "more" or "less".

ifconfig -a > output.txt
more output.txt

Or even pipe the command you're running one of those pagers.

ifconfig -a | more


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