How many processor and core should i select?

I have a intel i7-8750H @ 6core, 12 logical processor.

In my workstation, i see there are option for processor and core.

Based on the hardware i have on a laptop, I only have 1 processor definitely.

1- Do i select 1 as processor?

2. If i select more than 1, what will the workstation do?

3. I am guessing on the core, i can pick anywhere from 1 - 11 ? (Keeping 1 for my host?)

Hope to gain some insight from people.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Technically you could set up to 12, but It is usually recommended to select as few virtual processors as is needed to support whatever OS/apps/services you want your VM to run.

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Unless really needed I would personally not set the guest OS to use more than 2 vCPU's, set it to 4 vCPU's if there's a pretty good reason, not because you can.

Yes technically you could go allll the way up to 12 cores, but that would then leave pretty much no CPU resources available to the host.

Guess what happens to a VM when the host OS has no CPU resources any more? Your guest will stall and stutter.

As far as the difference between cores and processors for a VM? There's not really a difference.

The reason you have this option is because of software treats licensing different depending on the amount of CPU sockets available at hardware level.



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Is there any difference between setting processors and cores per processor? I am complicated between 4/3, 3/4, 2/6, and 6/2.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

The main difference is guest OS licensing – Windows Home supports a single processor only, while Pro supports two. So if you set 4 CPUs with 3 cores, Home will see 3 logical processors and Pro will see 6.

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