How is a user supposed to find the latest Version of VMWare tools on the (My)Vmware website?


I am really curios how a user is supposed to find the latest version of the VMWare tools when entering the website. Actually, I only find it externally when I google it. But what is the workflow, or flow of clicks a user is expected to follow when he wants to find it directly on the website? I cannot find it in the "VMWare Workstation ->Drivers and tools section", nor anywhere else on the website.

To be honest, I have never ever seen a product website which is so confusing to browse and to get information from than the VMware website, and I feel really sorry to say that.

Can anybody please give me a hint how a user can easily, reproducably always find the latest version of VMWare tools on the vmware webiste? Which steps are required? I simply cannot figure out myself.

Google of course directs me to - I am looking for a way to find it without google, simply using what VMWare provides...

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There's a link that always goes to the latest available tools:

Having said that, for VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion normally the easiest/best thing to do is to use the VMware Tools that is bundled with the VMware Workstation / Fusion release.



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