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How do you use the VMware workstation with a 4k external monitor?

I do see several posts within the community asking about how to set the VMware workstation display settings to work with 4K external displays. But I wanted to know how do you set it up?

I have a 4k monitor connected to my laptop (1920x1080). When using the laptop alone, I set my VMs (Win11 and Linux) to have 1440x900 resolution 100% scaling within the workstation pro v17. When connected laptop with the external monitor and powering up the VM on the monitor, the workstation pro would auto adjust the VM (at least for the win11 VM) screen resolution but without scaling, the fonts are too small to be usable within the VM...I could change the scaling within VM to 125% but that would mess up when opening VMs on my laptop alone...

As a workaround, I had to set the display setting of the VM to stretch mode...That helps maintain the resolution of my VMs between laptop and 4k monitor. But the issues is I can not make the workstation to auto resize the VM resolution if I changed workstation window size...and the fonts look fuzzy within the VMs...

Any advise or suggestions?

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