How do you add a physical PC to VMWare worksation Pro to Join the network domain on a VM

I have set up a virtual network on my Workstation Pro and joined the VMs to the domain.  I would like to join my host PC to the domain.  How can I virtualize it with Workstation?

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Hot Shot

Humm, not sure what you're getting at, if you wish "to join my [VMware Workstation] host PC to the domain" then just do so as you would do normally . . . however, if you mean that you wish the [VMware Workstation] Host to connect to the Domain based on the VMs than depending upon the virtual network configuration (NAT, Bridged, Host, Custom) will depend on how you might be able join the domain.

It you wish to virtualize the [VMware Workstation] Host PC and put that into a VM then you would normally perform a Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) conversion.  However, this sounds like an oxymoron, because you would be virtualizing the very thing that was running your VMs !


P2V Background (Current Information)

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