Host Gentoo linux : Guest Win XP - Problems with usb device.

Hi All.

I'm currently using VMware Workstation on my Vista pc and I have a WinXP guest OS. I'm using it for PLC programming via Siemens Step7 software and a USB device that makes the connection to to PLC hardware. and it works great!

My trouble is the following:

I would like to change my Host system to Gentoo linux. and I've successfully installed VMware workstation and copied the guest OS over.

It starts perfectly, it even recognises the Siemens USB "PC Adapter" when I plug it in.

But when I try to use it, it just says that "the communication link to the adapter is damaged"

I guess some of the usb communication is faulty under linux? (Because it works fine on the Vista Host system.)

other usb devices like flashdrives etc. works fine...

Does anybody know what I can do to get it to work or have some ideas?



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This is a me too.

In my case a XP host and XP guest work o.k.

A linux (up to date install) and up to date player does not work.  The same problem occurs in VirtualBox.

The Win XP recognises the Siemens USB PC Adaptor but the Siemens software can't communicate with it. The WinXP guest will hang at shutting down until the adapter is pulled out.

ID 0x0908:0x0004 SANZHAI Technology Co.,Ltd

I tried the USB quirks and different linux distributions.

Is there a list of non-working devices ? It would be good to add this.

I haven't tried using a USB 1.0 hub yet as I do not have one.


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Hi, I have the same problem.

My Specs are;

  • Hardware: Lenovo ThinkPad W520
  • Software: Lubuntu 15.10 as host (a lot faster host then a Windows one for sure)
    • VMware Workstation 12 Pro
      • Windows 7 32Bit as Guest
      • Windows XP 32Bit as Guest

It starts perfectly, it even recognizes the Siemens USB "PC Adapter" 6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0 when I plug it in.

In the device manager of Windows 7 Guest I see the Adapter but i see a message that it is not working.

I guess some of the USB communication is faulty under Linux? (Because it works fine on the Windows 7 Host system with VMWare Workstation 11)


SIMATIC PC Adapter USB on VMWare Workstartion Linux Host.png

I will use in the time http://www.ibhsoftec.com/IBH-Link-S7-PP

info that can help;

  1. https://support.industry.siemens.com/tf/ww/de/posts/usb-adapter-an-step-7-5-4-in-einer-vmware-m-linu...
  2. #9254 (Siemens SIMATIC USB MPI Adapter fails to install driver) – Oracle VM VirtualBox
  3. https://support.industry.siemens.com/tf/ww/en/posts/communication-between-step-7-on-linux-platform/2...
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