Horizontal Scrolling - does it only work in HTML?

I'm on Horizon 7 with a Windows Server 2016 (server) and Windows 10 (client) environment. I have tested this with three users and myself, on the servers and desktops. We have been seeing the same results and we're hoping to get confirmation one way or the other as to if Horizontal Scrolling is supported or not over PCoIP/Blast.

In our testing, we saw that we can scroll horizontally in the HTML client, but not in the Horizon Client over PCoIP or Blast. We also tested from a Chromebook and it did work when logged in via HTML, but not through the VMware Horizon Client. I have searched around and not been able to get a definitive answer one way or the other. Please lend whatever experience and/or professional expertise you may have to help answer this once and for all.

Please note, I'm specifically focusing on the client/method/protocol of connecting in relation to horizontal scrolling, NOT what device I'm connecting from.


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