Home LAB Setup Issue

Hi guys, I'm not vmware guy but I'm building a home lab and I'm having some problems.

I have a R710 running WIN 2k12 on it and on that I installed vmware workstation. In vmware workstation I installed an ESXI 5.5 with 2 network adapters bridged to 2 physical NICs on my server and both of the physial NICs are connected to an 2960 switch. VMNIC 0 is an access port used for management and VMNIC 1 is a trunk port that I wanna use for PROD. I also configured a trunk port on my WIN 2k12.

I'm managing the ESXI via vsphere 6 SSO. I created all my VMs on the ESXI server.

Vswitch0 is using VMNIC0 and Vswitch1 is using VMNIC 1.

The problem I'm having is that I'm not able to ping outside my ESXI from a new port group. I'm able to get out on the management network but can't on VMNIC1.

vm network is the management network and I can ping out from any vm when I put its network card on it. But from any other port group I create I can't(for example DMZ-VLAN-50). Although I can ping between the vms if they're put on the same port group.

I enabled trunking on the mgmt interface on the ESXi only.

Note that vm network is using VMNIC 0 bridged to a network card and connected to an access port switch


the other new port groups are using VMNIC 1

If this is unclear please let me answer your question so I explain further.

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