Finding failures with "Installation was unsuccessful"

I'm trying to install VMware Workstation 7.1.3 (full bundle) on a 32-bit Linux system.

The system had an older version of VMware Workstation 7 installed. That worked well, so I know there's not a problem running VMware on my system. I cleaned it out using vmware-install. Rebooted afterwards. System now appears clean.

However, when I try to install, it gets all the way through, until the progress bar reaches 99% or so. Then, it decides to roll back! It deconfigures everything, uninstalls everything, and I'm left right back where I started.

Very frustrating. It doesn't say why it decided to do this, at all. It just says "Installation was unsuccessful", at the end.

Is there a log file kept anywhere, or anything like that?

It's a shame the bundle doesn't support the --verbose option, or something like that, that would show the user what steps the installation process is taking. I tried to observe it with "top" and it seemed to be compiling the modules OK, and installing the modules OK with depmod. No errors there. It's something that's failing later in the installation, it would seem.

I looked in the /tmp/vmware-root directory, and saw a number of log files in there. However, none of them obviously had an error message in it.

Any idea why VMware Workstation would not want to install?

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