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Feedback: Side Channel Mitigation Option in Workstation 17 is Confusing Compared to Previous Version

The verbiage used to control whether Side Channel Mitigations are enabled/disabled changed in version 17.0.0 from previous versions.

Prior to 17.0.0, the setting was labeled:

Disable side channel mitigations for Hyper-V enabled hosts

In 17.0.0, the option was changed to:

Side channel mitigations is not enable for Hyper-V enabled hosts

Yes - "enable" is missing the "d" at the end.

What does this option actually do?

  1. Does the option enable side-channel mitigations?
  2. Does the option disable side-channel mitigations?

It's more a rhetorical question - I know it's #2, but I'm playing the role of a confused customer.

This would be parity with earlier releases which begs the question - why was the verbiage changed in the first place?

There's additional context listed below that states:

Enabling side channel mitigations may cause performance degradation.

This is helpful context (FYI side channel should be hyphenated - "side-channel"), but does little to explain the checkbox next to the "Side channel mitigations is not enable for Hyper-V enabled hosts" option.

While the wording in versions prior to 17.0.0 isn't grammatically correct, it's still easier to understand than the change in version 17.0.0.

Both "side channel and Hyper-V enabled should be hyphenated - even with Hyper-V already being hyphenated:

Disable side-channel mitigations for Hyper-V-enabled hosts


Version 17.0.0


Version 16.2.4




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I also noticed this and it's rather confusing... even the tooltip discusses "enabling" and usually when one checks a check box, the box is considered "enabled" but the actual meaning of the box seems to continue to be disable, a double negative...

So... to "enable" side-channel mitigations I have to "disable" (uncheck) the checkbox?!  Got it, clear as mud.

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