Fedora 26 not mounting shared folders

I'm attempting to mount a shared folder in Fedora 26 Guest, that is running on Workstation 14, on Windows 10.

In settings>options I have configured the Shared Folders.  I have them always enabled, and I am sharing my documents folder.   I am trying to mount using this command.

mount -t .host:/ /mnt/hgfs

or mount -t .host:/Documents /mnt/hgfs

either give me an error:  mount: /mnt/hgfs: can't find in /etc/fstab.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong, or have a suggestion on a fix?

Thanks in advance.


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I don't have Fedora 26, and you didn't mention if you are using open-vm-tools or VMware guest tools. But, for what it's worth, you might check out

mount - Enabling shared folders with open-vm-tools - Ask Ubuntu

which discusses using the 'fuse' capability and open-vm-tools to mount shared folders. I used this as a guide to get shared folders working using open-vm-tools in a RHEL 7.4 guest. I had to create hgfs under /mnt for some reason as well.

Also, in case it's applicable, I also came across Mounting Shared Folders in a Linux Guest  when I was recently looking for Guest shared folder info. This appears to be relevant when using the VMware Guest tools.

When using the VMware guest tools in a RHEL 7.4 guest, the shared folders were automatically mounted under /mnt/hgfs.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Please confirm a few things as below:

1. Are you running open-vm-tools or bundled VMware Tools in Fedora 26 guest? You can judge this by:

which vmtoolsd

If it is /usr/bin/vmtoolsd, it is using open-vm-tools. Otherwise it is bundled tools

2. If you are using open-vm-tools, and your version is before 10.1.0, then open-vm-tools does not work with shared folder. You can either upgrade open-vm-tools to 10.1.x, or remove open-vm-tools by "yum remove open-vm-tools", and install bundled vmware tools

3. If you are using bundled VMware Tools, shared folder is working after you enable it in vm setting > Options > Shared Folders and add a mapped folders. You don't have to do any mount in guest. However, if you want to mount to other directory other than /mnt/hgfs, you can do:

usr/bin/vmhgfs-fuse .host:/ target_folder -o subtype=vmhgfs-fuse,allow_other

For kernel 4.0 or later, HGFS is using vmhgfs-fuse instead.

Let me know if you run into any problems.

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