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Feature Request: An easy way for a user to see they run under Hyper-V

A lot of the problems that we see here at the forum are because the user doesn't know that they are running under the Windows Hypervisor Platform.
Microsoft has made it notoriously difficult for the end user to determine if their host OS is running under Hyper-V.

Often you'll see a user state "Hyper-V is OFF, I'm sure", but then if you look at their logs... you'll see the opposite.

This causes so much confusion and frustration...

Can't we get this type of info in say the about box?

At least then you can tell the user to go look there instead of explaining to them what to look for in the logs.
Also please add a button to the KB article on how-to turn that s.hit off.


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Technically, there is already a visual cue within Workstation Pro although this is not available in Player. The "Disable side channel mitigations" checkbox shows up in Workstation Pro VM Advanced Options if Hyper-V is detected. So it is not as though an elevation of privilege is required to see whether a VM would be running in ULM.

But I agree, it would be nice to have a visual cue within Workstation Pro/Player UI in the About box and a link to the KB to turn off Hyper-V. An update to the KB is probably necessary as well; such as use msinfo32 to see if VBS is running on the host; Virtualized VT-x and VPMC would not work in ULM, etc, etc.